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Ludwig Erwee - Managing Director
Ludwig Erwee was one of the founding members of the National Anti-Corruption unit that operated under the guidance and command of the Attorney General of Gauteng. He was also the lead investigator in several high profile syndicate trails. His success in investigating intricate crime syndicates is legendary. Ludwig also served as a consultant for PWC and the Special Investigating Unit relating to high value tender fraud. 

Ludwig was also a senior investigator on the Motor Vehicle Theft Unit, and he has a unique insight into motor vehicle related insurance investigations.

Ludwig also assisted the Hawks in a National Crime Syndicate Investigation relating to bulk theft of fuel, and proved to be a valuable member of the team. He has a wealth of experience regarding accident related insurance investigations. Ludwig attended several courses relating to vehicle crimes and Undercover Operations.

Janneman Van Wyk - (B.Proc) Chief Operating Officer
Janneman was one of the founding members of the SAPS Directorate of Priority Crime Investigation (HAWKS) and was one of the longest serving Colonels. Janneman earned his law degree (B.Proc) and a National Diploma in Policing. Janneman is considered to be one of country's top experts in the financial economic crimes investigation arena. Janneman attended extensive specialized courses in the fields of fraud, Anti-Corruption, Cyber Crime, Covert Operations, Project Management. Janneman worked in joint operations with the US FBI, Secret Service, Homeland Security, German Federal Police, Interpol, Europol, SARS, NSA, FSB, CSIR, SIU, NPA and SABRIC. Janneman is able to read, write and speak German.   

Covert Collection and Infiltration
We have a number of seasoned ex-SAPS members who were trained and handled by experienced covert managers. We have the ability to place staff with the relevant experience within an organisation and infiltrate crime syndicates operating under the radar. 

Considium has the ability to verify that your information is safe, and that privileged information does not fall into the wrong hands. We can electronically sweep your place of business to make sure that you are not exposed to illegal interception. This extends to your mobile devices utilizing the latest technology.

We make use the Cellebrite System to extract data from mobile devices.