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Unique talent pool

At Considium Intelligence Services (CIS) we pride ourselves on our unique talent pool and our human capital. 
Our staff consists of specialists from a wide spectrum in law enforcement that include the office of the Attorney General Anti-corruption Unit, the Special Investigation Unit, Narcotics Bureau, covert collection teams and handlers from Crime Intelligence Services and other specialist investigation units within the structures of the South African Police Services. 

Our management team have a wealth of experience in managing intricate investigation projects with court driven investigations and successful results. Our senior lead investigators have many years of experience running and directing complex financial and criminal investigations.

Our services include:

v  Forensic Investigation 

v  Security Screening & profiling

v  Intelligence support services

v  Identity fraud prevention & detection

v  Fraud Risk Assessment

v  Covert collection & infiltration

v   Insurance related investigations

v  Investigating Theft, fraud and corrupt activities

v  Investigation into bulk theft of fuel

v  Project driven operations and investigations

v  Undercover Operations

v  Investigations into Cyber Crime

v  IT Security

v  Surveillance

v  Vetting of personnel and background checks

v  VIP Protection Services

v  Film Productions into illegal trade in rhino horn